All of our cakes are filled with your choice of butter cream or ganache and covered with ganache then wrapped with fondant or modeling chocolate.



Beautiful moist cake that can be paired with dark or white chocolate ganache or fill with chocolate, caramel or mint ganache... make it even more decadent with raspberry or caramel filling and then cover with your choice of ganache.


Vanilla Bean

Beautiful soft but firm cake and this cake can go with almost anything! The choice is yours- can be made a colour or rainbow!


White Chocolate Mud

Any white chocolate lovers dream cake- the endless options with fillings- from white chocolate ganache and raspberry filling to coconut white chocolate ganache with toasted coconut through it then covered in white chocolate ganache... yum!


White Chocolate Caramel Mud

Decadent! This cake can be filled with caramel white chocolate ganache or dark chocolate caramel or ever dark chocolate ganache. A dream cake for a caramel conesur! 



This is a favourite- can be filled with white chocolate ganache- with toasted coconut, or perhaps try it with a lemon white chocolate ganache and cover with white chocolate ganache. 


This is a family recipe- always a hit! Fill with lemon or chocolate ganache or whipped chocolate ganache and cover with either white chocolate or dark chocolate ganache.


Moist and delicious! Paired with white chocolate ganache. A special blend of spices and an element of nuts (or without nuts just let us know) this is a yummy and popular cake.

Red Velvet

What more can be said! A red cake with a light chocolaty flavour. A yummy chocolate ganache and covered with ganache of your choice. Melt in your mouth!


What’s more delicious that a box of Jaffa’s! Well this treat is a Jaffa in a cake form! Chocolate cake with a hint of Jaffa is delicious with dark chocolate ganache or Jaffa chocolate ganache then covered with either Jaffa chocolate ganache or dark chocolate ganache... 

Lemon Citrus

A tangy lemon/ citrus taste in a moist cake. Fill with white chocolate ganache or lemon white chocolate ganache .. OR add some curd! Cover in white chocolate ganache. Delicious!

Spiced Apple

Something different! A yummy spice apple cake filled with small chunks of apple and a special spice blend. Moist and packed with flavour. Filled with layers of spiced white chocolate ganache. Then covered in white chocolate ganache- if your after something a bit different this cake is a lovely mix of sweet and spice.

Fruit Cake

Another family recipe that’s always had compliments. Covered in white chocolate ganache which can be flavoured with almond then fondant.

Cupcake Flavours- head over to our cupcake page

If there is a cake flavour that is not listed please ask, as we may be able to make it for you!


**Please note that hand carved cakes are more limited in flavours and may not be torte due to the stability of the cake needed for carving, to make sure they hold shape and also taste amazing. Please discuss options with me as it depends on the cake shape and what support it needs to what cake is best to use. 




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